Student of Color Alliance (SOCA)

Students of color alliance

The Student of Color Alliance (SOCA) is a collaborative umbrella organization formed by representatives from the African Society of Georgetown, Asian American Students Association, Black Student Alliance, Cuban American Student Association, Caribbean Culture Circle, Club Filipino, Chinese Student Alliance, GU Multiracial/Biracial Organization (GUMBO), the NAACP, Taiwanese American Student Association, Vietnamese Student Association, and other groups serving students of color at Georgetown. SOCA aims to unite students of color through collaborative programming opportunities, advocacy, and financial support.

If your student organization would like to request SOCA funds for an event or program, please complete the Student of Color Alliance Funds Request Application. All applications must be received by noon the Monday before a SOCA meeting to be considered at that meeting.

For all other questions or concerns about SOCA, please email the Co-Chairs.