The Black House


To assess and meet the needs of students of color by implementing programs, events, and dialogue in a community-centered space. 


Fostering community for students of color.


Forty-years ago, a small group of Black Students (BSA) staged a protest in front of the University president's office with three demands. First, they wanted to increase the percentage of minority students that were accepted into Georgetown. Secondly, they wanted the university to invest in creating a support system that monitored and tracked minorities that did enroll at the university. Finally, they urged the university to provide a space where Black students could congregate to socialize or talk about pertinent issues of the day. That space became the "Black House."

Today, the Black House remains one of the few dedicated places on campus where all students of color can gather to talk about issues, and meet one another.

Black House residents are encouraged to design programs to promote, foster and acknowledge diversity and community on campus. Examples of programs include weekly Hour Glass discussions on topics relevant to the community, a voter registration program, a panel on the impact on the Latino Vote, a workshop on developing a self-brand, and a dance workshop partnering with Groove Theory to name a few.

Over the course of the year, the Black House residents host several programs for all students to participate in. Minority student organizations are encouraged to utilize the house for club meetings and for social events. To reserve the house, please use the Black House Request Form.

Black House Residents - SPring 2017


Black House Resident Shola

Shola is a senior in the College double-majoring in Anthropology and French. Although she currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia and has moved to different states and countries several times throughout her life, Shola is originally from Leicester, England. On campus, Shola works closely with Beeck Center as an alumni mentor for the GU Impact program. She also serves as president for Georgetown University's Women of Color where she is eager to facilitate discussion and provide a platform for women of color both on and off-campus on issues and topics that interest them. Shola's interests include traveling, watching natural hair videos, and chilling with her friends. This year, Shola will be the Black House Resident Director and she is excited to work with her fellow residents to build a fun, uplifting and safe community space.



Black House Resident Juliette

Juliette is a junior in the College majoring in American Studies with a minor in Sociology and Music. She was raised in Maryland and moved to New York City before starting high school. Juliette is interested in music, student advocacy, social justice, and marketing/branding. This has translated to her involvement on campus and in the DC area. Since her freshman year she has been a tutor in the ASK Program through the Center for Social Justice and an executive board member of the GU NAACP, on which she currently serves as Co-Vice President. She is a member of Resonant Essence Live, a premier a Capella group on campus,  a member of the GU Gospel Choir, and is on the planning committee for the B.R.A.V.E. Summit. The summer leading into her junior year and through the fall semester she served as a Brand Ambassador in the Marketing Department for the Fillmore Silver Spring music venue. This spring she is excited to be a Social Media and Content Intern for Broccoli City.


Black House Resident Mia

Born and raised in New York, Mia is a first-generation American with parents of Caribbean and European backgrounds. She is a Junior in the College, pre-med, majoring in Biology of Global Health with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. She dreams of a future where her interests in social activism and reform, the betterment of marginalized communities and individuals, medicine, health and people in general, overlap to create a fulfilling career of helping people and helping them help themselves. On campus, she serves as the president of Georgetown University's Minority Association of Pre-Health Students, the vice-president of the DC city wide chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Omicron Pi, and is an alto-singer in the Gospel Choir. In her free time you can usually find Mia curled up with a book, having a solo dance party in her room, listening to music, or planning her week. Mia is very excited about the upcoming year where she hopes to focus on promoting self-care and mental health, making new memories and friends, and continuing the legacy of the Black House being a place of comfort and connection.


Black House Resident Georgino

A sophomore at Georgetown University, Georgino Joasil is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Government and a Bachelor of Arts in Justice and Peace Studies. Georgino's passion for social justice, advocacy, and political science stem from his personal experience with adjudicated youth in the District of Columbia. As a Coordinator for After School Kids, he saw the implications first hand of the justice system on minors. In the future, Georgino is looking forward to internships and networking opportunities that will make an impact on the community.