Opportunities / Initiatives

Black House Governing Board

The Black House Governing Board is a collective body of students, faculty, and staff under the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access. It is comprised of the Black House Executive Council (current residents and CMEA staff) along with a representative of the Black Student Alliance and five additional undergraduate students. The Governing Board meets several times each semester to gauge the progress of current residents, organize the selection process for future residents, and resolve any constitutional discrepancies. For more information, email the Black House.

Student of Color Alliance

The Student of Color Alliance is a collaborate organization formed by representatives from the following organizations: African Society, Asian American Students Association, Black Student Alliance, Caribbean Culture Circle, Chinese Student Alliance, Club Filipino, Korean Student Association, MEChA, South Asian Society, GU Women of Color, GU Multi- and Bi- Racial Organization (GUMBO), Japan Network, Pakistani Student Association, Latin American Student Association, and the NAACP. SOCA aims to unite students of color through collaborative programming opportunities, advocacy, and financial support. For more information on the Student of Color Alliance, to see if your organization can request representation, or to inquire about program funding, please email the current SOCA Chair.

Hispanic Heritage Month/Black History Month

For several years Georgetown students of color have expressed concern regarding the lack of recognition by the administration of traditions such as Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, and Asian American Pacific Islander Month. Since the fall of 2003, the Black House has taken the initiative for two of these endeavors by coordinating official campus-wide calendars and events in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15) and Black History Month (February). Currently Asian American Pacific Islander Month is coordinated by a special committee of the Asian American Students Association. Information regarding each month’s endeavors can be found on the Black House Events Calendar.

The Fire This Time

The Fire This Time is the only on-campus publication that caters to the needs and issues of students of color at Georgetown. Though not a member of the Georgetown Media Board, The Fire This Time provides a literary outlet for all students to express their cultural and political views, call attention to campus cultural events, and voice opinions free of censorship. To contribute to the next edition or to request additional information, please contact The Fire This Time.