Fall 2020 Operations Update

PRINTING (UPDATED 09/01/20): We would like to share that the University will be offering free printing across campus.

With this in mind, the CMEA will be adjusting its printing services to complement the service accordingly. Thus, CMEA printing services will be offered to those with limited accessibility/urgent needs. Printing requests should be sent to us at cmea@georgetown.edu (new window).

BOOK LIBRARY (UPDATED 09/01/20): First, complete this form (new window) to create an account within our library system. You will receive an email for further steps. Search for your books via Libib and request the books via this form (new window). The book library will continue to operate on a weekly basis. Moving forward, email confirmations will be sent every Monday for future requests, and pickup dates and times will be included.

ADVISING: ALL CMEA staff will create a minimum of 3 hours of available student advising/connection appointments through their calendar. Individual advising appointments with CMEA staff will be available starting September 7th. The CMEA staff will also be hosting a bi-weekly couch lunch on Fridays to have an open space where students and/or other staff can join to chat in a more informal environment. Couch lunches will begin September 18th.

COUNSELING: Individual advising appointments with Dr. Wright will be available starting September 7th. Questions can be sent to Dr. Wright at jcw57@georgetown.edu (new window). For students who need access to CAPS resources away from campus, we will connect you with Sarafina who will help with the referral process.

UNDOCUMENTED STUDENT SUPPORT: Individual advising appointments with Jen be available starting September 7th. Questions and concerns can be sent to Jennifer Crewalk (jc3150@georgetown.edu (new window)).

THE BLACK HOUSE & LA CASA LATINA: Virtual services and programming will be offered during the fall. Questions and concerns can be sent to Vanice Antrum (va200@georgetown.edu (new window)).

PRE-COLLEGE PROGRAMS: Please check out their website (new window) for more updates.