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On September 5th, 2017, on behalf of the Trump Administration, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program would be phased out in six months. DACA, created and enacted by President Obama in 2012, is an executive action granting undocumented individuals who arrived to the United States as minors work eligibility and deferral from deportation. Close to 800,000 individuals benefit from the program and are now in a time of uncertainty.

As members of the Patrick Healy Fellowship, we stand in solidarity with those affected by the Trump Administration’s decision and we condemn this decision. DACA beneficiaries, undocumented individuals without DACA, and their families are interwoven into the vision of America; there is no America without them. They are students, laborers, teachers, friends, community leaders, and human beings who deserve to pursue their dreams regardless of their citizenship status or the economic contribution they make to this country.

As Fellows, we invite members of the community to join us as we advocate for the Dream Act 2017, a bipartisan piece of legislation which would provide DACA beneficiaries and those who arrived to the United States before the age of 18 and four years before the piece of legislation is passed, with legal status. Here are some action steps you can take: 1) Lend emotional support to peers who you know are affected, 2) Contact your representatives in Congress by calling and writing to them. For the latter, we encourage you to use the following script and letter templates.

UndocuHoyas: thank you for your fearless leadership and all that you add to our Georgetown community.

In Solidarity,
The Patrick Healy Fellowship

Our Mission:

The Patrick Healy Fellowship is a community of dynamic leaders who share a passion for addressing issues that affect communities of color through a commitment to service, professional development, and alumni mentorship.

Our Founders: 

  • Rhondale-Marie (Rhon) Barras
  • Christopher Burke
  • Damien Dwin
  • Caleb Pitters
  • Ericka Souter-Pitters
  • George Weathers

Our Advisors:

  • Charlene Brown-Mckenzie – Director, CMEA
  • Esther Owolabi – PHF Young Alumni Advisor

The Patrick Healy Fellowship is housed at the Center for Multicultural Equity & Access. A CMEA professional staff member and young PHF alum serve as Advisors for PHF and are responsible for overseeing the annual budget, meet with Fellows as a group bi-weekly, provide mentorship and guidance to all Fellows, and lead different programs, such as the Interview Weekend.

Our Alumni Board Members:

  • Yamiche Alcindor
  • Minnie Annan – Chair
  • Charlene Brown-Mckenzie
  • Christopher Burke
  • Daissan Colbert
  • Soyica Diggs Colbert
  • Yashreeka Huq
  • Christian Lozano
  • Nkiruka Ogbuchiekwe
  • Esther Owolabi
  • Jason Park
  • Dennis Williams (Advisor Emeritus)​

The PHF Alumni Board meets monthly to discuss the fellowship programming, pillars, and other business. Each Board member leads specific aspects of the fellowship, such as Senior Service Trip, mentoring, professional development, and marketing and communications. Board members serve for two consecutive years and can serve a total of three consecutive terms.

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