COVID-19 Updates

Update February 20th, 2021

Please visit the Institute of College Preparation webpage for updates on Saturday Academy. You can find weekly resources on the page and information.

Update January 27th, 2021

Please visit the Institute of College Preparation webpage for updates on Saturday Academy. Starting this Saturday, January 30th, ICP students will start Saturday Academy from 9 am-12:30 pm. Students and parents have already received the information to connect via zoom

Update September 25th, 2020

Please visit the Institute of College Preparation webpage for more information on our CMEA Graduate Assistant Position.

Update July 24th, 2020

Please visit the Institute of College Preparation webpage for updates on our 2020 Virtual Summer Institute. Last week, our students participating in our virtual summer institute received a shoutout on twitter from Georgetown University.

Update July 8th, 2020

We invite you to visit the Institute of College Preparation webpage for updates on our 2020 Virtual Summer Institute, as well as to congratulate our ICP students who were invited to participate in the dual-enrollment program.

Please visit the College Exposure-Dual Enrollment webpage as we congratulate and celebrate our students’ accomplishments.

Update July 1st, 2020

I hope you are staying well and safe. We are excited to begin our Virtual Summer Institute. Since our collective pivot into the virtual environment, the ICP team has done their homework; looking to research, studies, and any materials that pedagogues and psychologists have provided to support virtual learning, paying particular attention to the emotional toll our students and families have assumed during this pandemic. Our goal with this Summer Institute is to facilitate and engage our students in a purposeful and flexible virtual learning environment that will yield academic and social growth. The virtual classroom programming will start on July 6th, 2020, and we will facilitate synchronous (live) and asynchronous (pre-recorded) sessions. Classes will take place from 9:30am to 12pm, and one co-curricular activity per week will take place on Thursdays anywhere from 1 to 4pm (you will know at the top of each week what to expect).

We will be using Zoom and Google Classroom as the virtual platform for the Summer Institute. You will be invited via email to the Google Classroom portal. Note: it is important that you have a Google account if you don’t have one already.

These past few months have posed challenges for all of us. We want you to know that in the midst of those challenges and the uncertainties they may bring, our commitment to you and your future stands firm.

To access the ICP Summer Welcome Packet, please check your email or contact us at

Update April 27th, 2020
Dear Pre College Programs partner,

As we continue to navigate the impact of COVID-19 and promote virtual learning, we would like to share with you a resource titled “Advancing Equity in an Era of Crisis.” This is a series of 30-free virtual seminars sponsored by the California Association of African American Superintendents and Administrators, CAAASA, that shares vital information on how to support our students, parents, educators and administrators during this pandemic. We invite you to engage and participate in this series.

Update April 23rd, 2020
Dear Pre College Programs Families,

I hope you are well and staying safe and hopeful during this difficult time. I want to thank you and acknowledge all the hard work and resilience each of you is putting forth for yourselves, loved ones, and for supporting the academic progress of our students. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the wellbeing of our communities and we must continue to push through this challenge.

I would like to address you from the perspective of Pre College Programs at Georgetown, and how we are preparing to provide continuity to programs such as the Institute for College Preparation, ICP. At the moment of interruption, we still had four Saturdays pending in our ICP Spring semester. After many conversations with the ICP academic team, and in the spirit of growth and learning, we don’t want to simply cancel the rest of the semester. What does this mean? The ICP instructors who work with your students have prepared thoughtful academic packets, attached to this email, and have provided instructions on how to utilize these packets via recorded files, also attached to this email. These packets are not meant to be an additional load of stress, they are meant to provide closure to our Spring semester, and as I said before, to provide continuity to all the work and learning that students had accumulated prior to the interruption.

Further, these packets are user friendly, meaning, there is no need for you to print anything or a need for additional resources. What we are asking is that you and the students watch the videos and engage in completing the packets the instructors have prepared. My team and I will be in close contact with you along the way to make sure we are providing academic and personal support to you all, and so that we are helping you submit the work via email to the instructors.

Latest Updates from DCPS: Learning at home continues and all DCPS schools are closed for students through May 29 and DCPS will provide meals to students across the district. For more information on these topics, please review the sections below.

School Calendar Changes: In response to coronavirus (COVID-19), all schools will remain closed and students will participate in learning at home through the end of the school year on May 29. More information about the DCPS School Year 2019-2020 calendar (new window). 

Meals: Meals will be available for all students every weekday at locations throughout the city. For more information, visit (new window). Meal service times may vary.

Additional Resources and Updates

In regards to the current state of affairs of school systems, we want to advise and encourage you to stay connected to your students’ school counselors, and the school’s official websites as well as your school system’s website. It is important that you are following written directions and not just comments from teachers and other peers. Below, we are providing websites for DCPS, MCPS, and PGCPS. Please let us know if you are hearing something other than what these websites are communicating.

ICP Summer 2020: The institutional leadership at Georgetown University has issued a directive stating that no in-person program will be held on Georgetown’s campus this Summer. Therefore, ICP’s Summer Institute will not be happening in person. We are diligently working on what this Summer could look like in a virtual setting and we will provide you with updates as soon as we can. 

Stay in Communication: In order to stay connected with you all and up to date with relevant information, my team and I will be hosting periodic video calls. So, it is vital that you read your emails and texts, and follow up with us as needed. We will do our best to provide advance notice so that you can fit us into your schedules. 

Online Learning: Please click and read the publication below from the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship at Georgetown University. This resource is good for students and for families in order to support one another and be productive in this virtual environment. Being a Successful Student Online (new window)