2018 Hoya Saxa Weekend Planning Committee

Committee Co-Chairs

Omaris Caceres

Omaris HSW18 Co-Chair

Omaris is a sophomore in the School of Nursing and Health Studies majoring in Global Health with a minor in Women & Gender Studies. She is a first-generation/low-income college student who currently lives in Clearwater, Florida, but attended boarding school in Hershey, Pennsylvania. She served as Transportation Coordinator for Hoya Saxa Weekend last year and was an attendee to Hoya Saxa Weekend 2016. As a Co-Chair this year she is super excited to welcome the (potential) future of Georgetown! Along with being on the committee, Omaris works for the Residential Housing Office and is a facilitator in LEAD (Leaders in Education About Diversity). She is excited to meet the prospective students, and looks forward to some really exciting Hoya Saxa Weekends!

Cindy Tran

Cindy HSW18 Co-Chair

Cindy is currently a second-year student in the College from Santa Ana, California, double majoring in Government and Justice & Peace Studies. She identifies as a first generation/low income student and is a proud daughter of immigrants. In addition to Hoya Saxa Weekend, Cindy serves on the Provost's Advisory Committee for Diversity and is Vice President of the Vietnamese Student Association. Last spring, she had the opportunity to intern with her Congressman on Capitol Hill! In her free time, Cindy enjoys watching/crying to Grey's Anatomy and talking about the ice in her Hydroflask. While Cindy did not get to attend her own Hoya Saxa Weekend, she is extremely excited to be a part of yours! She cannot wait until #Hoyas22 arrive on the Hilltop.

Hosting Coordinators

Julia Potts

Julia HSW18 HostingJulia is a sophomore in the McDonough School of Business and plans to major in Business Management with a minor in entrepreneurship. She identifies as a first generation/ low-income student born and raised in Newark, NJ but has lived in Virginia, Georgia and currently, Florida. She attended a KIPP Charter School in New Jersey. She was a participant in Hoya Saxa Weekend two years ago, and this year she serves as a Co-Chair of the Hosting Committee. Outside of Hoya Saxa Weekend, Julia is a member of GU GIVES, an ESCAPE Leader, and works for the Residential Hall Office. She Julia is looking forward to meeting all of you for a great weekend!


Teak Emanuel Hodge

Teak HSW19 HostingTeak is a first-year in the School of Foreign Service from San Diego, California. He plans to major in Culture and Politics with a concentration in International Human Rights. In addition to Hoya Saxa Weekend, Teak serves on the board as Freshman Representative of the GU NAACP, is a Prison Outreach volunteer, and is a student staff member of the LGBTQ Resource Center on campus. As a prospective student, Teak attended Hoya Saxa Weekend 2017 and fell in love not only with the university, but its people as well. He looks forward to interacting with prospective students and making their experiences on the Hilltop some they will never forget.


Logistics Coordinators

Ariadne Moreno

Ariadne HSW18 Logistics

Ariadne Moreno is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service (SFS) majoring in International Economics with a concentration in Development and pairing that with a certificate in Latin American Studies. She is from Miramar, FL and is a proud daughter of Colombian immigrants as well as a proud first-generation college student. Apart from Hoya Saxa Weekend, she serves as Director of Employee Engagement in the People Operations department of The Corp, the entirely student-run business on campus. While she did not get to attend her own Hoya Saxa Weekend, she is super excited to meet you all and get to form a part of this amazing experience!

Mizraim Belman Guerrero

Mizraim HSW18 Logistics

Mizraim is a sophomore in the School Foreign Service planning on majoring in culture and politics. He is a first generation low income and undocumented student. He was born in Mexico but grew up in Austin, the best city in Texas. He served as Logistics Coordinator for Hoya Saxa Weekend last year and was an attendee to Hoya Saxa Weekend 2016. When he is not trying to make sure everyone has their snacks during the weekend he is involved with UndocuHoyas and the Georgetown Solidarity Committee. He is also finds time to work two part time jobs at the Kalmanovitz initiative and at United We Dream.  He is excited to see everyone and meet the people who will hopefully call the hilltop their home!

Events Coordinators


Hockaday HSW18 Events

Hockaday is a sophomore in the College from the interesting city of Austin, TX. He is double majoring in African American Studies and English, and contemplating a minor in Korean. Hockaday is a low-income, multiracial bucko, and is very active in communities that represent these identities. He is a proud member of the Georgetown Scholarship Program, and currently serves as President of Georgetown's multiracial and multiethnic club. In his free time, Hockaday enjoys listening to his favorite artists (Nujabes, DEAN, Noname, etc.) and watching anime.


Steffanny Acevedo-Perez

Steffany HSW19 Events

Steffanny is currently junior in the College majoring in Government and double minoring in Philosophy and Sociology. She identifies as a first generation/low income student and is a proud daughter of immigrants. She was born in Puerto Rico but currently lives in Long Island, New York. In addition to Hoya Saxa Weekend, Steffanny is involved in student government, serving as the Vice Chair of GUSA Fund. She is also a part of the International Relations Club (IRC) and GU's Riqueza Dominicana. Steffanny was able to attend Hoya Saxa Weekend before committing to Georgetown and absolutely loved it. It played a major role in her decision to attend Georgetown. She is excited to make this year's Hoya Saxa Weekend the best on record!

Publicity Coordinators

Sanjuana Castorena Mares

Sanjuana HSW18 Publicity

Sanjuana is a freshman in the School of Nursing and Health Science majoring in Nursing. She is a low income, first generation, and DACA holder.  She is in GUMAPS which is Georgetown University Minority Association of Pre-Health Students. She is a meme lover and likes Corgis and the ANTI Rihanna album. Aside from school, she likes to take runs to the monuments, taking pictures, drink strawberry cheesecake milkshakes and bubble tea. She is really excited to keep the gram and every social media page we have popping with amazing pictures from the Hoya Saxa Weekend.


Onrei Josh Ladao

Onrei HSW18 Publicity

Onrei is a freshman in the College currently undecided. He was born in Okinawa, Japan but spent the majority of his life in San Diego, California. He proudly identifies as a first-gen/low-income student. As a prospective student, he was unsure about coming to Georgetown and having to move across the entire country; however, attending Hoya Saxa Weekend ultimately solidified his decision to attend. Outside of the HSW Committee, Onrei works as a Residential Hall Office Assistant for the East Campus Residential Hall Office and as an intern for the CMEA (catch him at his shifts!). He is also the freshman representative for Club Filipino! As publicity co-coordinator, he hopes to capture all of your best (and unexpected!) moments while attending Hoya Saxa Weekend and help make this experience the reason you attend Georgetown.

Transportation Coordinators

Sherley Muscade

Sherley HSW18 Transportation

Sherley is a freshman in Georgetown College, hoping to major in English and double minor in Women and Gender Studies and African-American studies. She is a Haitian-American child of immigrants, a first generation student, and a proud member of the Georgetown Scholars Program, an organization that provides amazing resources for low income students. She participated in the Community Scholars Program this past summer and had great exposure to the campus and recommends it to anyone who has been invited. She hails from Boston, Massachusetts so she loves Dunkins and is excited for the Patriots to win their next Super Bowl ring!! She had the privilege of attending her Hoya Saxa Weekend, which solidified her decision to commit to the Hilltop, and whether or not you choose to come here she would love to talk about the college process with you! She loves chocolate, making people laugh, and can't wait wait to meet all of you!

Shacoria Anderson

Shacoria HSW18 Transportation

Shacoria is a junior in the School of Nursing and Health Studies majoring in Human Science with a minor in Public Health. She is a first-generation/low-income college student from Columbia, South Carolina. Last year, she served as Transportation Co-coordinator and was an attendee of Hoya Saxa Weekend 2015. Aside from the committee, Shacoria works in Health Education Services, is a member of the University Gospel Choir, and is currently interning in the Lombardi Cancer Prevention and Control Program. In her free time, you can find Shacoria watching the Office and finding new shows to binge watch on Netflix. She is looking forward to meeting more prospective students at this year's Hoya Saxa Weekend to give them a taste of life on the Hilltop!

Diaspora Coordinators

Eloy Cano

Eloy HSW18 Diaspora

Eloy is currently a senior (citizen) in the McDonough School of Business majoring in marketing and information management. As a first-generation college student, Eloy has taken the opportunity to involve himself in many of the programs Georgetown has to offer including the Georgetown scholarship program and a study abroad program in Hong Kong. In his free time, he enjoys rock-climbing, creating designs for his graphic design class, and finding new adventures to go on with his fellow Hoyas.

As a Hoya Saxa Weekend 2014 attendee, a HSW host, and HSW 2016 event coordinator, Eloy is very excited to welcome prospective students to the hilltop and is more than willing to answer any questions you may have about the Georgetown experience!

Saham Ali

Saham HSW18 Diaspora

Saham is a freshman in Georgetown College, hoping to major in History while being on the pre-med track. She is a first generation student, child of Somali immigrants and the eldest of five! She is from Northern Virginia so she knows the D.C area. Hit her up if you want to know where all the good food places to eat! Saham is part of various organizations on campus, SAPE (Sexual Assault Peer Educator), GPB (Georgetown Program Board) and MSA (Muslim Student Association). She is also part of the Georgetown Scholarship Program, a program for first generation college students,  as well as the Community Scholars Program. She was an attendee of her Hoya Saxa Weekend last year and recommends that everyone who is invited attend. She is very excited to meet you all this Spring!

Outreach Coordinator

Corina Lobo

Corina HSW18 Outreach

Corina is currently a sophomore in the McDonough School of Business from San Antonio, Texas, double majoring in International Business with a Regional focus in Latin America and Marketing. Corina identifies as a first generation student and attended her own Early Action Hoya Saxa Weekend in 2016. In addition to Hoya Saxa Weekend, Corina serves as the Fundraising Co-Chair for the Alternative Breaks Program in the Center for Social Justice, a Volunteer Coordinator for the Georgetown OWN IT Summit and is the State Chair of Texas for the Georgetown Admissions Ambassador Program. This spring, she is interning with Senator Catherine Cortez Masto's Office (the first Latina Senator!) In her free time, Corina enjoys brunching all around DC, watching Netflix and buying excessive amounts of mugs to serve all her coffee needs. She cannot wait to get started and meet all of the new perspective Hoyas at this years round of Hoya Saxa Weekends!