2017 Hoya Saxa Weekend Planning Committee

Shanika Foster
Committee Co-Chair

Shanika HSW17 Co-Chair

Shanika is a third year Georgetown student from New York City. She currently is a Psychology major with a minor in Sociology. Some of her extra-curricular activities include being a mentor to freshmen and high school students, doing yoga, participating in dance showcases, and being a member of H*yas for Choice. In addition, she works at the Philosophy Department and partakes in different programs held by GSP. Shanika was a prospective student during Hoya Saxa Weekend 2014 and then became a host during her freshman year. She's excited to stay involved in the program by working on the committee for a second year in a row! She looks forward to meeting the prospective students and making their stay a memorable one.

Luis Gonzalez
Committee Co-Chair

Luis HSW17 Co-Chair

As a first-generation, low-income student from Santa Ana, CA., Luis has found that coming to Georgetown has been an extraordinary blessing. As a student in Georgetown College, Luis intends on majoring in American Studies and minoring in Education, Inquiry, and Justice, with the hopes of one day becoming a high school teacher. He is grateful for the Hoya Saxa Weekend, which he attended in 2015. This year as Committee Co-Chair, Luis hopes to give back to what he calls, “The key which opens the gates to the amazing Georgetown community.” Outside of the Committee, Luis loves spending time with UndocuHoyas, a tight-knit community fighting for the institutionalization of resources for undocumented students on campus. He patiently awaits for your arrival to the Hilltop!

Shacoria Anderson
Transportation Co-CoordinatorShacoria HSW17 Transportation

Shacoria is a sophomore in the NHS majoring in Human Science with a minor in Public Health. She is from South Carolina and is serving as the committee Transportation Co-coordinator this year. She was an attendee of Hoya Saxa Weekend in 2015 and hosted a prospective student her Freshmen year. On campus, she is a member of the Gospel Choir, volunteers at the University Hospital, Heroes for Hearts, and the Georgetown University Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (GUMAPS). She is looking forward to another great Hoya Saxa Weekend and can’t wait to meet more prospective students.

Omaris Caceres
Transportation Co-Coordinator

Omaris HSW17 Transportation

Omaris is a freshman in the School of Nursing and Health Studies majoring in Global Health with a potential minor in Women & Gender Studies. She currently lives in Florida,but she grew up Pennsylvania, and is helping out as a Transportation-Coordinator for Hoya Saxa Weekend. She was an attendee to Hoya Saxa Weekend 2016, and is now super excited to welcome the (potential) future of Georgetown! Along with being on the committee, Omaris works for the Residential Housing Office and volunteers with the Georgetown Public Health Brigades. She is excited to meet the prospective students, and looks forward to some really exciting Hoya Saxa Weekends!  

Bilva Chandra
Diaspora Co-Coordinator

Bilva HSW17 Diaspora

Bilva Chandra is a member of the Class of 2020 in the School of Foreign Service, majoring in International Politics. Separate from Hoya Saxa Weekend, she is the Social Coordinator of the International Relations Club, Associate-Board member of the Lecture Fund, NCSC Senior Staff member for The Georgetown International Relations Association (GIRA) and writes for the Middle East section of The Caravel. Some of her passions include Indian classical dance, extremely spicy food, and excessively adding to her Spotify playlists. She is beyond excited to be a Diaspora Co-Coordinator for Hoya Saxa Weekend and cannot wait to meet all of the prospective students!

Chelsea Hernanadez
Diaspora Co-Coordinator

Chelsea Is a Freshman in the Walsh School of foreign service studying Culture and Politics and is begrudgingly mulling over the idea of getting a minor in French. She grew up in Chicago, Illinois. This year Chelsea is helping to coordinate Diaspora, Georgetown’s annual cultural showcase. When she isn’t speed walking to get to class, Student of Color Alliance meetings, LEAD facilitations or Global Brigades training sessions, she may actually be running for fun or hanging out the CMEA office. Chelsea is over the moon to welcome new students to the Hilltop.

Cindy Tran
Outreach Coordinator

Cindy is currently a first-year student in the College from Southern California, studying Government as well as Justice and Peace Studies. She identifies as a first generation/ low income student and has been grateful for everything Georgetown has done and provided for her. When she's not fighting social injustice or daydreaming about one day running for office, Cindy is a member of the club volleyball team and likes to go eat pho with the Vietnamese Student Association. She is also currently interning at the Capitol for her Congressman. Cindy did not get to attend her own Hoya Saxa Weekend but is extremely excited to be a part of yours! She cannot wait until #Hoyas21 arrive on the Hilltop.

Mizraim Belman Guerrero
Logistics Co-CoordinatorMizraim HSW17 Logistics

Mizraim is a first-year student from the land of Whataburger aka Texas. He is currently studying culture and politics in the School of Foreign Service. He is proudly undocumented and unafraid and continues his efforts helping out the undocumented community through the Kalmanovitz Initiative’s Immigration and Labor Project. When he isn’t doing a sit in at the president's office with the Georgetown Solidarity Committee, he is involved with UndocuHoyas, Student Farmworker Alliance, and being a legislative aide with United We Dream. As an attendee last year, he is really excited and ready to share with ya’ll the realities of the Hilltop. He will be co-coordinating logistics making sure all you wonderful people get from point A to B on the Hilltop with minimal confusion and hopefully without losing anyone (kidding we won't lose you, I promise). He cannot wait to see the amazing group of people that will make up #Hoyas21!

Aliyah Williams
Logistics Co-CoordinatorAliyah HSW17 Logistics

Aliyah is a first-year student from Bronx, New York studying Culture and Politics and Spanish in the School of Foreign Service. During her time here on the hilltop, she has been involved in the Black Movements Dance Theatre, the Student Guard Program, and now a Logistics Co-Coordinator on the Hoya Saxa Weekend Committee. Aliyah was an attendee of last year’s Hoya Saxa Weekend which ultimately determined her commitment to Georgetown in the fall. She is very excited to be on the committee this year to help welcome new prospective students to Georgetown!

Kashaf Momin
Publicity Co-CoordinatorKashaf HSW17 Publicity

Kashaf Momin is a sophomore in the College majoring in Biology of Global Health. She comes from the great state of Texas, and she is very excited to welcome students from all of the country to Georgetown! Last year, she was a Transportation Co-Coordinator for Hoya Saxa Weekend. This year, you can find her working at the Georgetown Writing Center, complaining about the cold weather, and salsa dancing for the Latinx dance showcase Reventon. She hopes Hoya Saxa Weekend will be a wonderful and enlightening few days for the prospective students!

Rebecca RichardRebecca HSW17 Publicity
Publicity Co-Coordinator

Hailing from the one and only Austin, Texas, Rebecca is thrilled to be serving as one of this year’s Publicity Co-Coordinators! As a former attendee and host, Hoya Saxa Weekend is dear to her heart. On campus she works with the Minority Pre-Law Association and is a member of Chi Alpha. Rebecca is studying Culture and Politics in the School of Foreign Service with a concentration in criminal justice.

Danielle Maduka
Events Co-Coordinator

Danielle HSW17 Events

Danielle Maduka is a second-year student from Baltimore, Maryland studying Health Care Management and Policy in the School of Nursing and Health Studies. As a proud Nigerian and lover of West African cuisine, she is a huge foodie and will never pass up an opportunity to get or cook great food. She lives for spontaneity, late-night chats about life, and lemonade. When she’s not running from class to class or working at Georgetown’s Cawley Career Center or working with the African Society of Georgetown, she is a volunteer EMT for the Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service. She will serve as Hoya Saxa Weekend’s Events Co-Coordinator, where she will work alongside her co-coordinator to spearhead incredible events for this year’s Hoya Saxa Weekend participants to partake in. She is beyond excited about this year’s Hoya Saxa Weekend because two years ago, Hoya Saxa Weekend helped her choose Georgetown as her home away from home. After hosting a prospective student during her Freshman year, she decided to join to planning committee. She hopes to be a positive influence on prospective students and hopes that they can make Georgetown their home for the next four years.

Illeana Vazquez
Events Co-Coordinator

Ileana HSW17 Events

Ileana Vazquez is a freshman in the SFS from the  underrated state of New Jersey and took a gap year before coming to Georgetown. She is pursuing an RCST major in Latin America and Africa, concentrating in global development, and can’t decide what to minor in because she loves to learn about everything. Her favorite class this semester is Folk Religions in Latin America, and she is learning about social entrepreneurship as a consultant at Innovo Consulting and will be dancing Reggaeton with the Latin dance showcase Reventón. As Events Co-Coordinator for Hoya Saxa Weekend this year and a former participant, Ileana can’t wait to welcome all of you to campus and answer all your questions about what it’s like to be a Hoya. 

Julia Potts
Hosting Co-CoordinatorJulia HSW17 Hosting

Julia is a freshman in the McDonough School of Business and plans to major in Business Management with a minor to be determined. She was born and raised in Newark. Nj but has lived in Florida, Georgia and currently, Virginia. She was a participant in Hoya Saxa Weekend last year, and this year she serves as a Co-Chair for the Hosting Committee. Outside of Hoya Saxa Weekend, Julia is a member of McDonugh Women, GU GIVES, and works for the Student Guards. Julia is looking forward to meeting all of you for a great weekend!

Miguel Ojeda
Hosting Co-CoordinatorMiguel HSW17 Hosting

Miguel is a first-year student from San Diego, California. He is a first generation college student who is constantly amazed by the wonders here at Georgetown. He loves playing and watching soccer with his friends whenever he can. His favorite things to do in DC is running to the monuments and sight-seeing - sunsets can be quite a view! He hopes all of the prospective students decide to come to Georgetown, because he believes it's truly a magical place! He also speaks Spanish (a lot), in case anyone would like to feel a little more at home while you grace the Hilltop with your presence!