2022 Hoya Saxa Weekend Planning Committee

Committee Chair

Allemai Dagnatchew SFS’22

Allemai is a senior in the School of Foreign Service from Towson, Maryland majoring in International Politics with a concentration in International Law, Institutions, and Ethics. She is so excited for her fourth year on the Hoya Saxa Weekend Committee and to be serving as the committee’s Chair this year! She also works as a student intern for the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access, is Resident Director for Black House, competes with Georgetown’s Mock Trial Team, serves on the Black Student Alliance Board, and is a tour guide with Blue and Gray! Allemai loves TikTok, embroidery, and of course all things Hoya Saxa Weekend!

Events Coordinators

Natalie Isé SFS’22

Natalie Isé is a senior in the SFS with a major in International Politics (International Security Concentration) and a minor in Italian (ciao). She was born and raised in sunny Tampa, Florida (go lightning! go rays!) and can’t wait to talk all things Bad Bunny and astrology/tarot with y’all. Natalie attended Hoya Saxa Weekend 2018, she served as on the Hoya Saxa Weekend Planning Committee for 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. Outside of HSW, Natalie has been involved with the Center for Social Justice Advisory Board for Student Organizations (CSJ ABSO) and The Hoya (Photography) on campus. She is super excited to meet everyone and hopes y’all enjoy your HSW as much as she did!

Anndy Serrano-Marcillo COL’23

My name is Anndy Serrano Marcillo and I’m a junior in the College majoring in Sociology and minoring in Public Health (also trying to see if I can major in WGST). I want to go into Public health and look into how healthcare can be inaccessible to low-income neighborhoods in urban cities. I’m originally from The Bronx in NYC (you know the vibes), and I consider it home and I definitely want to go back to NYC when I graduate. I’m involved in ESCAPE, QPOC, and Baile Folklorico Mexicano de Georgetown as well as CURA (pre-orientation). I attended Hoya Saxa weekend in 2019, and in my free time, I meditate, read, watch sitcoms, play Pokemon, and Facetime my dog Luna.

Kendall Bryant MSB’23

Kendall (they/them) is a junior in the McDonough School of Business majoring in Business Management with a minor in African-American studies. They are from Prince George’s County, Maryland and wouldn’t want to call anywhere else home. On campus, Kendall wears many different hats including but not limited to: Black House resident, musician, caffeine fiend, and scholar. They’re always down to talk art, theory, and the divine with anyone they meet. This year, they are so proud to be on the Events Committee for HSW!

Publicity Coordinators

Paula Guerra COL’23

Paula is a Junior in the College studying Government. In addition to being a part of the Hoya Saxa Weekend Committee, she is also involved in Ballet Folklorico Mexicano de Georgetown, the Georgetown Scholars Program, and the Kalmanovitz Initiative for the Labor and Working Poor. During her free time, she loves to go out and eat chicken dumplings from Asian American II and Chipotle burritos! She is excited to meet the next HSW Class of 2026!

Talynn Sharp COL’23

Hey y’all, my name is Talynn (she/they) and I’m from Lawrenceville, Ga. This is my third year at Georgetown and I’m an English Major. I am also one of the Haus Mothers for Haus of Hoya, a space for and by marginalized queer people and queer people of color. I am a huge fan of nature and would honestly rather be elbow deep in soil than studying but I love this school and all the people I’ve met here. I found community through my experience at Hoya Saxa Weekend and I hope that I help you all do the same. 🥳

Hosting Coordinators

Kevin Villafranca MSB’23

Kevin is a junior in the McDonough School of Business and majors in Finance and Marketing. He is a part of both the Community Scholar Program and the Georgetown Scholars Program. Kevin was born in Brownsville, Tx which is a small city alongside the border between Mexico and Texas. At Georgetown, Kevin is involved in DC Schools Project which is a tutoring program serving the immigrant community in D.C. He is also is involved in BlackGen Capital a minority-owned investment fund and that help students of color learn more about the financial planning career avenue. On his free time he plays basketball and enjoys working out. He looks forward to meeting you very soon!

Dhylan Holmes MSB’23

Dhylan (she/her) is a junior in the MSB majoring in Accounting and Management. She is from Atlanta, Georgia and in her free time loves reading fantasy books and playing board games. Apart from the Hoya Saxa Weekend Committee, she is a member of the Georgetown Undergraduate Alumni Student Federal Credit Union which is a fully student-run credit union. She is also a member of the Georgetown Saxatones a community service-based acapella group as well. She credits her Hoya Saxa Weekend in 2019 to her coming to Georgetown so she is very excited to meet you all!

Transportation Coordinators

Christina Ruder SFS’23

Christina (she/her) is a third-year Global Business Major and Spanish Minor in the School of Foreign Service. She is from outside of Dallas, Texas. Christina joined the committee as a first-year after doing the YLEAD pre-orientation program (highly recommend!) and never looked back. Christina loves exploring DC, astrology/numerology, eating sushi, writing, and listening to Juice WRLD in her spare time (happy to chat about any of these and more). Outside of the Planning Committee, Christina dedicates her time working for the Office of Campus Ministry Hospitality Team and The Hilltoss, a Corp service, Georgetown Scholars Program (GSP), MOSAIC (for multiracial Hoyas), and Georgetown University Student Association (GUSA). In the past, she was involved with the Ethiopian Eritrean Student Association (EESA), Black Student Alliance (BSA), Student of Color Alliance (SOCA), Breakthrough New York, and Leaders in Education About Diversity (LEAD). She loves connecting with younger generations of Hoyas, so do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions about any of the named organizations or the college experience in general. She may not always have the answers, but she is happy to connect you to someone who does!

Deborah Wey SFS’24

Deborah Wey is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service studying Culture & Politics with a minor in Spanish and a certificate in African Studies. She is a proud member of the Georgetown Scholars Program from Charlotte, North Carolina. She uses she/her pronouns and is involved in quite a few groups on campus, including GUSA, H*yas for Choice, and Jumpstart. Some of her hobbies are fashion, exploring DC museums, sewing, and watching movies (especially horror and rom-coms!). This is her first time doing HSW and is beyond excited!!

Outreach Coordinators

Ace Frazier

Alyssia Thomas COL’24

Alyssia is a sophomore in the College from Phoenix, Arizona majoring in Sociology with a minor in Computer Sciences. They are a student assistant for the African Studies Program, a GSPer, works with the Prison Outreach Initiative. Additionally, they are a member of the Disability Alliance, QPOC, and the BSA. In their free time, you can catch Alyssia scrolling through Tik Tok, making jewelry, or talking someone’s ear off about their new weekly fascinations!