2019 Hoya Saxa Weekend Planning Committee

Committee Co-Chairs

Mizraim Belman Guerrero

Mizraim wearing a grey HSW T-Shirt in the CMEA office

Mizraim is a junior in the School Foreign Service majoring in culture and politics. He is a first generation low income undocumented student. He was born in Mexico but grew up in Austin, the best city in Texas. He served as Logistics Coordinator for Hoya Saxa Weekend the past two years and was an attendee to Hoya Saxa Weekend 2016. When he is not co-charing the weekend he is involved with Hoyas For Immigrant Rights, the Georgetown Solidarity Committee, Georgetown United Against Police Aggression and leading an Alternative Break Program. He also finds time to work a part-time job at the Kalmanovitz initiative’s Immigration and Labor Project. He is excited to see everyone and meet the people who will hopefully call the hilltop their home!

Sanjuana Castorena Mares

Sanjuana wearing a grey HSW T-Shirt in the CMEA office

Sanjuana is a sophomore in the School of Nursing and Health Science majoring in Healthcare Management and Policy with a concentration in policy. She is a low income, first generation, and DACA recipient. She is a Community Scholar and is a member of the Georgetown Scholars Program. Previously, Sanjuana was a publicity co-coordinator for Hoya Saxa Weekend. Currently aside from being a co-chair, she is the co-marketing chair for Hermanas which is a club for anyone who considers themselves as a latinx to join and feel welcomed. Some of Sanjuana’s favorite things are cookies and cream ice cream, Italian food, the Sweetener album, the Invasion of privacy album, and frosted flakes. She is super excited to meet prospective students and making them feel at home on the Hilltop, HOYA SAXA!!

Hosting Coordinators

Julia Potts

Julia wearing a grey HSW T-Shirt in the CMEA office

Julia is a junior in the McDonough School of Business and majors in Business Management with a minor in entrepreneurship and is in the Georgetown Scholars Program. She identifies as a first generation/low-income student born and raised in Newark, NJ but currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida. She attended a KIPP Charter School in New Jersey. She was able to attend her Hoya Saxa Weekend and looks forward to being on the committee every year! This year she serves as a Co-Chair of the Hosting Committee. Outside of Hoya Saxa Weekend, Julia is the Community Engagement Chair of the Corp, the largest student-run organization, and works for the Residential Hall Office. In her free time, she loves to watch Criminal Minds, NCIS, Grownish and make earrings. She is excited to meet all of you for a great weekend!

Daniel Arenas

Daniel wearing a grey HSW T-Shirt in the CMEA office

Daniel is a freshman in the School of Foreign Service majoring in Science, Technology, and International Affairs. He is from Chicago, Illinois and is always down for some deep dish pizza or a Chicago-style hot dog. Daniel took a gap year after high school to research lithium batteries at Argonne National Laboratory and later participated in the Community Scholars Program at Georgetown. On campus, Daniel is a part of GUSA (Georgetown University Student Association), researches tumor suppressor genes at a lab, and is a co-founder of the League of United Latin American Citizens chapter at Georgetown. 
Daniel loves memes, free food, mountain biking, a bunch of sports, and having a great time! He is ready to get to know you and help you have an unforgettable weekend on the Hilltop!

Logistics Coordinators

Sergio Gonzalez Porras

Sergio wearing a grey HSW T-Shirt in the CMEA office

Sergio Gonzalez Porras is from Mesa, Arizona and his pronouns are he/him/his. He is currently undeclared in the College but he is hoping to become a mathematics or physics major so that he can study engineering for his master’s. He is a LEDA Scholar from cohort 13, a 2018 Community Scholar, and a proud member of the Georgetown Scholars Program. In hopes to connect with as many attendees as possible, Sergio is also a DACA recipient and is passionate about immigrant rights.  He enjoys outdoor activities such as running, hiking, biking as well as watching LOTS of movies and TV shows. He looks forward to making this an amazing Hoya Saxa Weekend for everybody!

Suong Dang

Suong wearing a grey HSW T-Shirt in the CMEA office

Suong Dang is a freshman in the McDonough School of Business minoring in Statistics. She intends to major in International Business and Finance. Born and lived in Vietnam for 10 years before settling in Silver Spring, Maryland. Suong is a proud immigrant and first-generation student. Outside of Hoya Saxa Weekend, she works for CIED’s Finance team, which stands for Center for Intercultural Education and Development. In her spare time, Suong enjoys catching up with South Park, listening to Novo Amor, and exploring Georgetown with her friends (join her for bubble tea on Wisconsin Avenue!!). As an attendee of Hoya Saxa Weekend last year, Suong is very appreciative of the program and looks forward to getting to know all of you!

Events Coordinators

William Hockaday

Hock wearing a grey HSW T-Shirt in the CMEA office

Hockaday is a junior in the College from the city of Austin, Texas, and is fresh off a study abroad experience in Seoul, South Korea. He is double majoring in African American Studies and English, with a minor in Korean. Hockaday is a low-income, multiracial buckaroo, and is very active in communities that represent these identities. He is a proud member of the Georgetown Scholars Program, worked as freshman representative for the Georgetown Chapter of the NAACP, and founded Georgetown University Mosaic (a multiracial and multiethnic club). Hockaday currently works as a Writing Center tutor, hoping to take this experience into a future career in teaching high school. In his free time, Hockaday enjoys listening to his favorite artists (Nujabes, DEAN, Noname, etc.) and watching anime (My Hero Academia, Hajime no Ippo, Haikyu!, etc.).  

Daniela Gaytán Rios

Daniela wearing a grey HSW T-Shirt in the CMEA office

Daniela Gaytán Rios is a sophomore in the College majoring in mathematics. She was born in Mexico and now lives in San Antonio, Texas and is dedicated to other immigrant communities on and off campus. She has worked as a tutor for the DC Schools Project, a mentor for UndocuWarriors, and now works to improve worker’s rights at the Kalmanovitz Initiative. In her free time, Dani likes to try out new (affordable and Latinx) restaurants, explore D.C., and listen to cumbias. She is super excited to meet this year’s attendees and to help make this experience as fun and welcoming as it was for her!

Publicity Coordinators

Anahi Figueroa-Flores

Anahi wearing a grey HSW T-Shirt in the CMEA office

Anahi is a sophomore in the College majoring in Computer Science. She was raised in Commerce City, Colorado. She is a first generation and undocumented student. At Georgetown, she is the marketing director for Hoyas For Immigrant Rights and works for the Summer Programs office of Residential Living as a Conference Lead. She enjoys running, hiking, watching movies, and eating Takis (anything spicy). She also loves art and photography. She is very excited to welcome prospective students to Georgetown!

Arisaid Gonzalez

Arisaid wearing a grey HSW T-Shirt in the CMEA office

Arisaid Gonzalez Porras is from Mesa, Arizona and a sophomore in the College double majoring in American Studies and Spanish. She is a Latina, first-generation, low-income, undocumented student. On campus, she advocates for the undocumented students on and off campus through Hoyas for Immigrant Rights, United We Dream, and Undocuhoyas. Besides fighting for justice, she loves to binge watch shows on Netflix (especially Friends!), movies are her life and is always down for Starbucks coffee. Arisaid loves Georgetown who can’t wait to welcome prospective students and is more than willing to answer any questions you may have about the Georgetown experience!!

Transportation Coordinators

Sherley Muscade

Sherley wearing a grey HSW T-Shirt in the CMEA office

Sherley is a sophomore in Georgetown College, planning to major in English and double minor in Women and Gender Studies and African-American studies. She is a Haitian-American child of immigrants, a first generation student, and a proud member of the Georgetown Scholars Program, an organization that provides amazing resources for first gen and/or low income students. She is a Community Scholar and would be more than happy to discuss it with anyone who was invited. She’s from Boston so she reps Dunkins over Starbucks all day and she’ll debate that with anyone. She had the privilege of attending her Hoya Saxa Weekend 3 years ago, which solidified her decision to commit to the Hilltop, and whether or not you choose to come here she would love to talk about the college process with you! She loves chocolate, making people laugh, and can’t wait wait to meet all of you! Fun Fact: She went to 6 concerts and a music festival in 2018

Thais Rodriguez

Thais wearing a grey HSW T-Shirt in the CMEA office

Thais Rodriguez is a sophomore at Georgetown University studying Culture and Politics in the School of Foreign Service. Thais was born and raised in Pomona, California and she comes from Mexican heritage. She is passionate about immigration, education accessibility, and climate change throughout Latin America and the United States. Thais is a proud member of the Georgetown Scholars Program, the Community Scholars Program, DC Schools Project Coordinator, team a Hoya Saxa committee, and she is the GU 1vyG Conference Ambassador. Thais loves to Face-Time her friends and family from back home. She enjoys eating poke during her free time and trying new foods in the DMV area.

Diaspora Coordinators

Anshul Agrawal

Anshul wearing a grey HSW T-Shirt in the CMEA office

Anshul is a junior in the College from Freehold, NJ, double majoring in Economics and Government. Having participated in various other CMEA programs, Anshul is excited for his first time on the Hoya Saxa Weekend Planning Committee as a Diaspora Coordinator. Anshul is also a tutor at The Georgetown Writing Center, as well as a coordinator and choreographer for Georgetown Rangila. He can’t wait for the Hoya Saxa Weekend students to get a taste of the Georgetown experience and hopefully find something that speaks to them!

Natalie Ise

Natalie wearing a grey HSW T-Shirt in the CMEA office

Natalie Isé is a freshman in the SFS with a likely major in International Politics. She was born and raised in Tampa, Florida (go lightning!), she attended Hoya Saxa Weekend 2018, and she now serves as the Diaspora co-Coordinator for Hoya Saxa Weekend 2019. Outside of Hoya Saxa Weekend, Natalie also works as a Deputy Photo Editor (Sports) for The Hoya and is a big fan of Hoya basketball. She is really excited to meet you all and talk all things Bad Bunny, Criminal Minds, and hopes to make sure everyone enjoys their Hoya Saxa Weekend as much as she did!

Outreach Coordinator

Allemai Dagnatchew

Allemai wearing a grey HSW T-Shirt in the CMEA office

Allemai is a freshman in the School of Foreign Service from Baltimore County planning to major in International Politics. In addition to Hoya Saxa Weekend, she serves on the board as Freshman Representative for Black Student Alliance, a member of the B.R.A.V.E. planning committee (and would love to see everyone there!) and a body member of several other clubs on campus. Allemai attended her own Hoya Saxa Weekend and fell in love with the university and the vibrant community that students of color have built here. She looks forward to welcoming prospective students of color for a great weekend!