Grace Ramstad

COL '20, YLEAD Coordinator

Grace is a rising junior in the College, majoring in Sociology and minoring in photo of grace ramstadDisability Studies and Education, Inquiry, & Justice. Grace grew up in Oregon with her twin brother and twin weiner dogs. While her brother is now based in southern California as a marine, her dogs are as cute as ever and she would love to show you (many) pictures. This will be Grace’s third summer with YLEAD, and she is so excited to welcome the next generation of the YLEAD family. During the school year, Grace has been a facilitator for Leaders in Education About Diversity (LEAD) and a preschool teacher for Jumpstart, both of which she’ll be sure to plug throughout YLEAD. In the future Grace hopes to make some sort of positive impact on the education system, but for now she’s just trying to get through finals. Grace spends her free time watching too much Netflix, loving on all small and/or fluffy dogs, and trying to hold onto a love of reading.

Chelsea Hernandez

SFS '20, Peer Leader

Photo of Chelsea

Chelsea will be a  Junior in the School of Foreign service this coming school year. She is majoring in Culture and Politics with a minor in French (but then again who knows) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  If you are trying to start a conversation with her and don’t know where to start, remember the ABCD’s: Activism; Bananas; College accessibility; and Dogs. Apart from having awkward conversations around campus, Chelsea can be found writing emails as a Leaders in Education about Diversity (LEAD) co-chair, out on excursions with Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán’s executive board or working at the front desk at the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access (CMEA). She is looking forward to being a resident of Casa Latina this fall, make sure to stop by to say hello!

Now that you know a little about her, make sure you come to YLEAD and share YOUR narrative, because it is as important as anything we “ylead-ers” will be able to share with you over the week.

Jamal Jaffer

COL '21, Peer Leader

Photo of Jamal

Jamal is a rising sophomore in the College majoring in Environmental Biology with a minor in Science, Technology, and International Affairs (STIA). With his roots in Pakistan, Jamal calls the Los Angeles area home (west coast best coast).  A former YLEAD participant, catch Jamal as a LEAD facilitator, H*yas for Choice team member, and a dancer in Rangila among other things. In the future he hopes to make some impact in helping to combat climate change. Outside of academics, Jamal is a huge music nerd and has a radio station with Georgetown radio (look out for Jams with Jam!). He’s also a big fan of traveling, doing weird stuff, and driving his 2004 Honda Odyssey named Wanda.

Juan Martinez

SFS '20, Peer Leader

photo of juan

Juan is a rising junior in the School of Foreign Service majoring in Culture and Politics and minoring in Arabic. He is originally from San Luis Potosi, Mexico but has spent most of his life in Dallas, Texas -- a true Southern belle. At Georgetown, he is involved in the Georgetown University Student Association as a Senator and chairs the Equity and Access Committee. When not stressing over student politics, you can find him spending time with his UndocuHoyas family or leading retreats under Campus Ministry and the LGBTQ Center. He also works as a research intern for the Bridge Initiative, a research project under the Center for Christian Muslim Understanding. He is a lover of cats and Latinx literature and can be found out and about exploring DC on the weekends!

Lane Easterling

SFS '19, Peer Leader

photo of lane

Lane is a rising senior in the SFS, majoring in Middle East Studies and minoring in Arabic and Women’s and Gender Studies. He is a Mid-Atlantic boy hailing from the greatest city in America, Baltimore! He loves food, especially anything with Maryland crab, and enjoys eating new and exciting things. He studied abroad for six months in Amman, Jordan, but he promises he won’t talk about it non-stop.

In addition to YLEAD, Lane works on campus as a Student Assistant at the LGBTQ Resource Center (aka he does all the gay stuff on campus) and is social chair of the Philodemic Society (He promises they aren’t just a stuffy debate club they have fun). He participated in YLEAD as an incoming first year and can’t wait to help make this an amazing experience for all of y’all!


Madeleine Gibbons-Shapiro

COL '20, Peer Leader

photo of madeleine

Madeleine is a rising sophomore in the College and plans on majoring in sociology and minoring in Spanish. She hails from San Jose, California (the tenth largest city in the U.S.!)  On campus, she’s involved with ESCAPE, A Different Dialogue, College Democrats, and Reventón (the annual Latinx dance showcase) -- despite her utter lack of dancing skills. When she’s not munching on a Wisey’s cookie, Madeleine enjoys making puns, jamming out to Hamilton, and laughing at her own jokes (they’re pretty funny). After participating in YLEAD last year, she is thrilled to return as a Peer Leader this fall!

Mariah Johnson

COL '21, Peer Leader

photo of mariah

Mariah is a rising sophomore in the college who wants to go to law school but has no clue about what she is going to major in to get there. She’s moved around a bit throughout her childhood but considers Washington State home. Mariah started her Georgetown experience as a 2017 YLEAD participant, an experience she considers to be one of the best of her time at Georgetown thus far. Throughout her freshman year, she was a dancer with Black Movements Dance Theatre, a tour guide with the Blue and Gray Society, and counselor with the GUSA Constitutional Council. In her spare time, you can catch Mariah obsessing about dance, watching Netflix, reading, and actively avoiding taking the stairs. She is thrilled about being a Peer Leader this year and can’t wait to welcome new YLEADers to the Hilltop.

Omaris Caceres

NHS '20, Peer Leader

photo of omaris

Omaris is a rising junior in the School of Nursing and Health Studies (NHS) majoring in Global Health with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. She has lived in a few different states including New York, Pennsylvania, & Florida, and attended boarding school for 9 years in Hershey, Pennsylvania. She identifies as a first-generation, low income, regular, shmegular, degular Dominican girl who is Afro-Latina, Feminista, & known to be very unfiltered. On-campus she is heavily involved in the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access (CMEA) by serving on the Hoya Saxa Weekend Planning Committee, facilitating dialogues for Leaders in Education about Diversity (LEAD), and being the future Dialogues Coordinator for Casa Latina. If she is not in the CMEA, she is probably studying feminist or racial theory, talking “chisme” (gossip) with friends, or practicing one of the languages she speaks (English, Spanish, Romanian, and Sarcasm).

She is SUPER excited to be a YLEAD Peer Leader this year and looks forward to growing with the rest of the YLEAD-er crew!