Community Scholars Program

Program Overview

The Community Scholars Program (CSP) has led Georgetown’s efforts to promote social justice for 50 years by enrolling a more diverse student body. Managed by the Center for Multicultural Equity & Access (CMEA), the program provides enhanced educational opportunity for a multicultural cohort of first-generation college students who have achieved the dream of higher education through personal initiative, service, and academic excellence.

The Community Scholars experience begins with a five-week academic summer program prior to the students’ first year at Georgetown designed to aid their transition to higher education. During the summer they take classes for credit, attend orientation workshops, and begin forming bonds with one another, teachers, and administrators that will help sustain them through college. The program supports its students throughout their Georgetown careers with academic advising, mentoring and personal counseling, study groups, workshops and seminars. With a 92% graduation rate, CSP provides a diverse support network with proven results.

Program Goal

The Community Scholars Program aims to contribute to the successful retention and graduation of first-generation undergraduate students who typically represent a wide variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds.