La Casa Latina

What Is La Casa Latina?

In August of 2014, the Provost Committee, summoned Hoya Latinx leaders to spearhead the first university sponsored Latinx Heritage Month.  Latinx organizations came together to host four foundational events: Latinx Welcome Dinner, a Latinx-style kick-off barbecue, a noche de baile, and a panel on Latinx Identity at Georgetown. Their success led them to contemplate and mobilize on other important issues the Latinx community faces on the Hilltop. Thus, the movement to start a Casa Latina for Hoyas was born.

On April 10, 2015, LLF and the Last Campaign for Academic Reform (LCAR) submitted their respective proposals and petitions to university administrators. From there a working group was formed with university administration in order to work towards the goal of having a Casa Latina by Fall 2016.

La Casa Latina will be a centralized location of inclusivity in which Latinxs can share their narratives, access resources integral to success on the Hilltop, and engage in vital discussions about the intersectionality of race/ethnicity, class, sexuality, gender, ability, privilege and power within the Latinx identity. In order to unite all members of the Latinx community, Casa Latina will ensure that students feel not only welcomed at Georgetown, but also feel empowered to grow and flourish in all encompassing aspects of the collegiate community.

Casa Latina residential opportunities, events, and activities are open to all Georgetown University students regardless of race, national origin, or any other characteristic protected under University policy. Multicultural student organizations are encouraged to utilize the house for club meetings and for social events. To reserve the house, please use the Casa Latina Request Form.