La Casa Latina Residents 2021-2022


Hometown: Sag Harbor, NYPronouns: he/him
Major: Sociology Major, Government & Spanish Minor
Zodiac Signs: Capricorn
Role: Residential Director
Message: I’m so excited to be able to meet new people and open our doors to the public! Although this is an unprecedented start to many of our academic lives, I genuinely hope that our house serves as your home away from home!

Jennifer Luzon
Hometown: Bronx, New York
Pronouns: She/Her/Ella
Major: American Studies Major with Business Administration Minor
Zodiac: Leo
Role: Financial Coordinator
Message: Hi Everyone!! My name is Jennifer Luzon pronouns she/her/Ella, and I’m a junior in the College majoring in American Studies. I am so excited to be a part of Casa and serve as the Financial Coordinator this year. I was born in Cuenca, Ecuador, but grew up in the Bronx, New York since I was five years old. As an FGLI  student my first semester at Georgetown was rough, and right after the pandemic hit, making it hard to find spaces on campus that understand our experiences. I decided to become a member of Casa because now that we are back on campus I want to help others find safe spaces and community. I want to help create a space where we are heard, seen, and loved. As one of the few Ecuadorians on campus, I feel a great sense of pride in my roots and culture. My mission for Casa is to promote diversity, make students feel like they are not alone, and celebrate all of our cultures. Look for the townhouses with all the flags and make sure to join us for snacks, good food, and community building.


Hometown: Chicago, IL
Pronouns: He/him/his
Major(s): Government and English
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio 
Role: Community Outreach Coordinator
Message: I’m excited to be a part of La Casa Latina this year! I know how difficult it can be at first to find your space and your community on this campus; I was a freshman not so long ago myself. As your community outreach coordinator, I’m excited to be able to connect all your wonderful campus organizations to this space and continue building community. Being virtual for the past year and a half has been difficult for all of us. I want to make this year the very best for Casa. Whether it’s stopping by to chill at the house, attending our programming during the year, or simply saying ‘hi’ on your way to class, I look forward to seeing you engage with us this year.

Pronouns: She/They/EllA
Hometown: Teaneck, New Jersey
Astrology Sign: Leo 

Major(s): Philosophy & Government
Minor: Women & Gender Studies 

Message: Hi y’all! My name is Melanie Donaji Cruz-Morales. I am a community-based organizer and a first-generation college student with a great passion for public service and community building. Wherever I go, I take my Oaxacan roots with me in order to shine light and advocate for my Indigenous communities. This year, I am thrilled to be your Dialogue’s Coordinator at Casa. I can’t wait for all the programming that’s about to go down and all the important conversations that we will hold in order to create special spaces that celebrate our existence. Being a student at an institution like Georgetown is challenging, and frankly, it has its surreal high moments — as well as its difficult stressful days. And I want everyone to know that you can share all those moments in between with us if you ever need to — we’re here for you. 


Hometown: Teaneck, NJ 

Major: Government Major, Women & Gender Studies Minor, & Philosophy Minor
Zodiac Sign: Leo 

Message: Hey friends! My name is Sheila Cruz-Morales (she/her) and I am so excited to be this year’s Casa Latina Marketing Director. I was born in Oaxaca, Mexico and I come from an Indigenous Village called Santa Catarina, Yosonotu. I am from the Mixtec Nation. I immigrated to the U.S as a kid and remained motivated to cultivate a better future for my parents and me. I decided to become a resident this year because FGLI & Indigenous students deserve to be heard, seen, and celebrated. While Georgetown was my dream school for so long, like many of you, I quickly discovered the harsh realities of what it means to be a student at an institution that contributes to the oppression of people of color. Navigating the privilege that comes with being a student while simultaneously acknowledging that this is a challenging environment to be in is important. It’s spaces like Casa Latina and Black House that are able to create safe and welcoming environments for students like me on this campus and I’m so eager to share this space with you. This year, I’m excited to connect and build community. It’s our first year back since the pandemic and it’s our chance to make a statement here. We will hold programming, events, and meaningful dialogue to amplify our presence on campus. My goal this year is to make students of color feel like they have a home to go to. A space where race, class, and gender structures are analyzed in order to have healthy interpersonal relationships. To thrive here, we need each other and I am so grateful to have this facilitating role on campus.