Institute for College Preparation

For over two decades, the Institute for College Preparation (ICP) has provided intensive, comprehensive, pre-college academic enrichment to middle and high school students enrolled in targeted D.C. public schools. Students begin the program in the 7th grade as a cohort, and continue through their high school graduation. During the program, students are exposed to rigorous course work via a carefully developed curriculum offered to students in Saturday Academy classes and Summer Institute on Georgetown University’s campus. This academic enrichment curriculum is enhanced by: 

  • Academic tutoring and mentorship in coordination with the students’ schools
  • Summer enrichment programs via a study abroad and residential college experience
  • College expsoure via tours and admissions sessions
  • Assistance with test preparation and the college application process
  • Facilitation of connections to other needed resources
  • And other academic and personal counseling for students and their families to inspire a college-going culture