Our Programs

The Saturday Academy: Beginning in the 7th grade and continuing through the 12th grade, Institute for College Preparation scholars attend Saturday Academy classes from 9am to 1pm on Georgetown’s main campus during the fall and spring semesters. Students develop and strengthen critical thinking skills, thus improving their test-taking and study skills. The curriculum focuses on coursework in the core subjects of English, Math, and Spanish.

The Summer Institute: During the summer, students attend the ICP Summer Institute on Georgetown’s campus every weekday for 3 to 5 weeks. Coursework concentrates on Science, Math, Spanish, English, and an elective. In the 11th grade, students live on Georgetown University’s campus for the duration of the Summer Institute, allowing them to get a taste of the joys and challenges that come with life on a college campus.

Capstone Activities: Students are given the opportunity to combine their academic coursework with capstone experiences to help prepare them for college. Some of these capstones include the following:

  • College Tours
  • Summer Study Abroad (Costa Rica and Panama)
  • Trip to New York City to see a Broadway play; Ski Liberty Mountain Resort ski trip; Science camping trip; and Harper’s Ferry bike trip
  • Residential Summer Institute on Georgetown’s Campus

First Year of College: During students’ pre-college summer, Institute for College Preparation staff members facilitate communication between graduating students’ college admissions offices, financial aid offices, faculty advisors, and assistant deans, with whom students will interact during their first critical months on campus. In some cases, the Institute provides assistance in purchasing textbooks and supplies and providing transportation between Washington, D.C. and a student’s new university or college.