Young Leaders in Education, Advocacy, & Dialogue (YLEAD)

YLEAD Logo with the letters Y L E A D in green and resembling plant stems with the roses growing out of the letters as red fists

YLEAD is a week-long leadership program for first-year students and transfer students who are interested in and passionate about diversity and social justice. This pre-orientation program engages Georgetown students in the exploration of their identities and in reflective dialogues about diversity–with the goal of encouraging students to effect positive change on campus and in their communities.

YLEAD seeks to foster dialogue, reflection, and action around complex issues including but not limited to ability, ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, and social class. Twenty incoming students are selected each year to work closely with peer leaders to explore issues related to intersections of personal identity and power, privilege, and oppression dynamics in society. YLEAD participants will also have the opportunity to meet leaders from the local Washington D.C. community, converse with student leaders from campus organizations and cultural groups, and ask critical questions of Georgetown faculty and administrators. Pre-Orientation Programs are available to new first-year students and new transfer students.

The 2023 YLEAD Program will take place August 13th-18th. Application is coming soon! For more information, please email Students are encouraged to wait until a decision has been communicated before making final travel arrangements.

Want to know more about YLEAD from the students’ perspective? Take a look at these photos and testimonials from participants of YLEAD 2019!

YLEAD Group Photo

“This program was honestly life-changing. I’m so grateful to have been in such a special, unique, welcoming, accepting, challenging space like this. I’ve never had many of these dialogues and conversations, and each and every one is one that I’ve learned from. It’s allowed me to grow, and it’s been wonderful watching everyone around me grow as well.”

YLEAD Group Photos

“I feel like I have made so many mentors and friends that I will have for the rest of my time here.”

YLEAD YLEAD Group Photos

“YLEAD has opened my eyes up to so much in the world and has encouraged me to never allow them to close again.”

YLEAD Group Photos

“I’ve never been affirmed and valued that much by so many people in my life. I’ll hold that with me forever.”