2019 Coordinator & Peer Leaders

Mariah Johnson

COL ’21, YLEAD Coordinator

Mariah is a rising junior in the college, majoring in American Studies (please ask her about how much she loves it) and minoring Psychology. She moved around a bit throughout her childhood but claims Washington State as home. Mariah began her time at Georgetown as a YLEAD 2017 participant and served as a peer leader during YLEAD 2018, two experiences she considers to be some of the most transformative of her college career thus far. On campus she’s involved in Black Movements Dance Theatre, the Blue and Gray Tour Guide Society, and the Admission Office College Access Panel Program. In her spare time, you can catch Mariah obsessing about dance, watching Netflix, reading, and actively avoiding taking the stairs. She is thrilled to be involved with YLEAD 2019 and to welcome newest members of the YLEAD family to the Hilltop.

Uju Nwaigwe

COL ’20, Peer Leader

Uju is a rising senior in the College, majoring in Government and double minoring in Economics and Justice & Peace Studies. Uju calls Long Island, New York home and is a transfer student from the Macaulay Honors College at John Jay College. A former YLEAD participant, Uju is excited to be a peer leader this year because she wants to give back to an organization that was impetus for formative years at Georgetown. In the future, Uju hopes to use public policy as a way to bridge the gap between the needs of marginalized communities and the law. Additionally, Uju just came back from a semester abroad in Cape Town, South Africa studying multiculturalism and human rights.

Outside of academics, Uju is involved on campus with the NAACP, SOCA, ASK and the Race and Culture policy team for the student government. Uju loves spending her free time sleeping, cooking/going out to eat, playing basketball, watching Netflix, and spending quality time with her friends.

William Hockaday

COL ’20, Peer Leader

William Byron Hockaday (you can call him “Hock”) is a rising senior in the College double majoring in African American Studies and English, and minoring in Korean. Hock is from Austin, Texas, and misses What-A-Burger, considering that home is 1,500 miles away (and also that he’s now a vegetarian). As a white, Black, and Korean kid, Hock represents his mixed identity as co-president of MOSAIC, a multiracial and multiethnic club. As a low-income student, he is also a proud member of the Georgetown Scholars Program, a scholarship program endeavoring to aid low-income and first-generation students through their experience at an elite institution. Hock also works as the convener for the Men’s STAND House, a townhouse focused on socioeconomic identity and inclusivity on campus. His passions lie in academia and teaching, and Hock currently works as a Writing Center tutor to fulfill these passions. In his free time, Hockaday enjoys listening to his favorite artists (Nujabes, DEAN, Noname, etc.), watching anime (My Hero Academia, Hajime no Ippo, Haikyu!, etc.), and practicing on the Georgetown Club Boxing Team. Hock participated in YLEAD as an incoming freshman and is thrilled to pay his great experiences forward.

Carlos Bundia Sevilla

, Peer Leader

photo of lane


Grace Ramstad

COL ’20, Peer Leader

Grace is a rising senior (yikes) in the College, majoring in Sociology and minoring in Disability Studies and Education, Inquiry, & Justice. Grace grew up in Oregon with her twin brother and twin weiner dogs. While her brother is now based in southern California as a marine, her dogs are as cute as ever and she would love to show you (many) pictures. This will be Grace’s fourth summer with YLEAD after coming to Georgetown for the first time as a YLEAD participant herself. She’s spent the last semester studying abroad in Stockholm, Sweden, but is excited to return to Georgetown’s campus and meet the next generation of the YLEAD family. This fall you can find her facilitating for A Different Dialogue (something you can participate in if you wanna see her and get a free dinner once every other week!!), hanging out in Lau 2 trying to figure out what it means to write a thesis, and dodging any and all post-grad plan questions.  

Mariel Mendez

COL ’21, Peer Leader

Mariel Mendez is a rising junior majoring in history with a concentration in labor history. Originally from Mexico, she has grown up undocumented in a working-class neighborhood in Los Angeles. On campus, she organizes to build student and worker power through the labor rights group called the Georgetown Solidarity Committee (chapter of United Students Against Sweatshops) and Georgetown’s Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor. Off campus, she was an organizing intern at ONE DC and the Latino Economic Development Center, helping tenant organizers fight gentrification and build tenant power in the district. And if you’re into weird Star Wars theories and watching pimple popping videos on youtube, hit her up!

Amina Sadural

SFS ’22, Peer Leader

Amina is a rising sophomore in the SFS deciding between a Regional and Comparative Studies Major and a Culture and Politics Major. She is from Teaneck, New Jersey and will roll her eyes at you if you roll your eyes at her upon hearing she’s from Jersey (as people often do). On the hilltop, Amina is an ESCAPE leader, A Different Dialogue co-facilitator, Reventon dancer, Rangila board member, and GU Jawani team member (ask her about bhangra!). Amina also tutors for DC Schools and is always game to talk about books, multi-ethnicity, and good food–oh, and how much she loved YLEAD as a participant in 2018!

Tahsin Amin

COL ’22, Peer Leader

Tahsin is a rising sophomore in the College, majoring in Psychology on the Pre-Med track and hopes to work with children and adolescents. She’s a Bengali-American who calls Woodbridge, VA home. She’s involved with Muslim Student Association, ESCAPE, South Asian Society, Georgetown radio (tune into Taboos & Tunes!), and other clubs on campus. When she’s not writing lab reports or sorting out her beef with electrons, she enjoys bingeing Netflix, jamming to her playlists, and exploring D.C. She stans dialogue and identity exploration, so she couldn’t be more excited to be a YLEAD peer leader this summer! Tahsin looks forward to leaning into her vulnerability, sharing her truth, and learning from the personal experiences of others during YLEAD. She was a YLEAD participant last year, and could talk for hours about the life-changing experience and how much she loved it. She can’t wait to meet the new YLEADers and grow with the group!