What’s provided?

  • Transportation to and from campus will be arranged by us and free of cost to you (*On a needs basis and by application). You will need to get to your home airport/train/bus station, but we’ll take care of the rest — including travel fare from your home airport/train/bus station to and from DC and transportation to and from the DC airport/train/bus station and Georgetown’s campus.
  • Meals will be provided throughout the program, from a welcome dinner the first night to a farewell banquet the final evening.
  • A current Georgetown undergraduate student will host you in his or her room. (*Due to the COVID Pandemic, this aspect of the program is paused – 2023)
  • Participation in the Georgetown Admissions Ambassador Program (GAAP) events include: class visits, lunch with the deans, and more.

What should I bring?

  • Government-issued ID
  • Sleeping bag or bedding, pillow, and towel
  • Toiletries (soap, toothbrush, etc.)
  • Spending money for additional meals or purchases.

Who can attend Hoya Saxa Weekend?

Hoya Saxa Weekend is a special opportunity for underrepresented students of color to experience campus life. Please note that the Hoya Saxa Weekend program highlights Georgetown’s dynamic student of color community — if you are not particularly interested in this experience, you may choose not to participate in this weekend.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer a program for parents and/or families. Family members interested in visiting campus should visit the GAAP website.

Please keep in mind that while we do our best to accommodate everyone but our resources are limited. Participation in the program will be granted on a firstcome, first served basis.

When is Hoya Saxa Weekend 2020?

There will be two Hoya Saxa Weekends this spring. Early Decision Weekend will be from Thursday, March 19 to Sunday, March 21 and Regular Decision Weekend will be from Thursday, April 16 to Sunday, April 19. The program officially begins at 6:00pm on Thursday, so all participants will be expected to travel to campus during the day. The program ends on Saturday evening, and all transportation home will be scheduled to depart Georgetown’s campus on Sunday.