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Leaders in Education About Diversity (LEAD) is a dynamic peer education and leadership development program through facilitation of open dialogue, LEADers seek to educate themselves and others about diversity and intersections of identity in order to build common ground across the Georgetown University community.


LEADers are peer educators and consultants in diversity and social justice. They work with each other and others on campus to promote open interaction between people of all backgrounds. They actively address all forms of oppression and seek to build a common understanding among Georgetown's diverse community. LEADers facilitate difficult dialogues, plan diversity workshops, and generally strive to serve the community's diversity education needs.


LEADers are trained year round to provide developmental, constructive and inspiring conversations, workshops and trianings on issues regarding diversity, inclusion and social justice. In order to adequetly prepare for a facilitation, request must be submitted at least two weeks before the desired date of facilitation. To submit a request via HoyaLink, please complete the Request for LEAD Faclitation Form. 

For more information, please contact 2017-2018 LEAD Co-Chairs: Email Chelsea Hernandez or email Grace Ramstad