Staff Photos & Profiles

Charlene Brown-McKenzie, MSW, LICSW

Director, Center for Multicultural Equity & Access
Executive Director, Institute for College Preparation

C Brown-McKenzie

As a student at Georgetown, Ms. Brown-McKenzie was deeply engaged in several service programs such as CMEA's Peer Mentors and the Center for Social Justice's After School Kids program. A Sociology major, she went on to earn an M.S.W. degree at Columbia University before returning to the Hilltop to work in CMEA's pre-college programs. In 2004, she became Executive Director of the Institute for College Preparation (ICP) and since 2007 has also been Associate Director of CMEA, sharing in all key decisions about Center programs. She now assumes full responsibility for day-to-day operations of the Center. And as an alumna, she also has a keen interest in expanding CMEA's connections with generations of Hoyas. In addition to focusing on the access and success of our students in post secondary and graduate education, her goal is to also foster their growth as responsible world citizens. Charlene has developed and lead numerous students and staff to Latin America and Africa.

Cinthya Salazar, M.S.

Assistant Director of Academic & Student Support Services
Director, Community Scholars Program

C Salazar

Cinthya is responsible for all operations of the Community Scholars Program and serves as the Advisor for the Peer Mentoring Program and Patrick Healy Fellows. In addition, she provides programming support for different CMEA initiatives and special events. She is an advocate for justice and strongly believes that every person deserves to have access to education. Cinthya is a Peruvian native, who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications and Journalism, and a Master of Science in Higher Education Administration from Florida International University. In her free time, Cinthya enjoys cooking and spending quality time with family and friends.



Dennis A. Williams, M.F.A.


Associate Dean of Students, Division of Student Affairs

Dean Williams is responsible for all of the operations of CMEA and also supervises the Academic Resource Center. He is the author of two published novels and teaches in the English department. Born and raised in Upstate New York, he has been at Georgetown since 1997.



Elizabeth Velez, M.A.


Senior Advisor, Community Scholars Program

English Professor Velez, an Alabama native, has been a mainstay of the Community Scholars Program for more than two decades. As Senior Advisor, she sets the curriculum, recruits faculty, advises students and oversees the program, and also provides academic advising and support for other students through CMEA.



John C. Wright, Ph.D.



Dr. Wright is a licensed psychologist who is originally from New Jersey. He received his bachelor's degree from Rutgers University and doctorate from Florida State University. He has an interest in developing culturally sensitive, community-based interventions and providing multicultural outreach services. He has a particular interest in issues effecting men of color on campus. He provides private counseling and consultative services to students at CMEA on Thursdays.


Daviree L. Velázquez, M.Ed.

Assistant Director of Diversity Programs

Daviree Velazquez

Daviree joined the Georgetown University community as the Assistant Director of Diversity Programs for CMEA. For the last 5 years, Daviree has worked in Jesuit higher education, primarily supporting residential communities and training student staff with an emphasis in social justice, multiculturalism and identity formation. Daviree worked and completed her M.Ed. in Higher Education at Loyola University Chicago, and received her undergraduate degree from DePaul University. Her research interests include leadership development, social identity formation, and critical race theory. In her role at CMEA, Daviree supports diversity education and programming such as A Different Dialogue (ADD), Young Leaders in Education About Diversity (YLEAD), Leaders in Education About Diversity (LEAD) and the Student of Color Alliance (SOCA).  Outside of work, Daviree enjoys spoken word performances, farmers markets, and watching documentaries.


Christian Sese

Program Coordinator

Christian Sese

Christian joined CMEA in October 2014 and serves as the Program Coordinator. He facilitates the planning and coordination of special events, as well as leads the communication, marketing and outreach efforts for CMEA. He also supervises the student interns and acts as the advisor to the Hoya Saxa Weekend planning committee. For the last 3 years, Christian has worked for a leading experiential education organization dedicated to enabling students of all ages to explore their interests and gain learning experiences beyond the classroom. He became passionate about education while serving as a full-time volunteer in Seattle Public Schools with City Year, an AmeriCorps program that aims to lower the high school dropout rate in major U.S. cities. Christian graduated from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio with his B.A. in Public Relations. Some of his favorite things include watching The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, country line dancing, shopping at Target, and creating Spotify playlists.



Daniel Cook 

Daniel Cook

Student Intern

"CMEA is an amazing resource and hub of connections for students looking to maximize the impact of diversity on campus. I found that it serves as a wonderful place to bounce around ideas for promoting initiatives and carrying out projects on campus, especially when I was involved with the Hoya Saxa Weekend planning committee. The inviting nature of CMEA makes it so that even those who did not participate in Hoya Saxa Weekend or in the Community Scholars Program can still feel included in programming and opportunities just as much as those who were. The unifying effect of CMEA makes it indispensable part of the Georgetown community and has made me proud to be a Hoya."

Sarah Lim

Student Intern

"CMEA is the epitome of support and community, with its various resources and programs, as well as its incredibly talented and caring staff members who work hard to implement these opportunities. It is always refreshing to see the warmth and rapport among staff, interns, returning students, new students and anyone else who drops by CMEA, familiar faces or not. All that CMEA has to offer would have greatly helped me as a first year at Georgetown had I discovered it sooner; however, I am that much more excited to be here as an intern to make sure others don't miss their chance to benefit from the CMEA community."

Tien Nguyen

staff-tien-nguyenStudent Intern

"CMEA is an excellent place to find support at Georgetown, for both intellectual pursuits and professional goals. It is impossible to leave the office without experiencing the friendliness of the staff and being impacted by their willingness to help students succeed. The office's many resources and programs promote commendable principles such as diversity and equal opportunity, which create an environment of respect and integrity that values individuals who contribute their experiences to Georgetown’s commitment to education and service. CMEA is a community that proudly benefits from embracing every perspective and encourages all students to explore the many opportunities to engage in and grow from the diversity at Georgetown."

Kimberly Posas Bonilla

Kimberly Posas BonillaStudent Intern

"The Community Scholars Program is very important to me. It directly tackles the problems that low income minority students face in elite universities: culture shock, isolation due to vastly different economic background, and different academic backgrounds. I know that this program effectively brings together very different students through activities, seminars, and summer courses. They achieve greatness. Community Scholars is only one of the wonderful programs CMEA sponsors and I can't wait to work on more of their amazing projects!"

April-Michelle Thomas

 Student Intern

"To me, CMEA represents one of the few places on campus that actually tries to REDUCE rather than INTENSIFY one's stress. When I come to CMEA or take part in its programming, regardless of what I have going on as far as academics, my extra-curricular activities, or my home life, I feel relaxed. I really appreciate the comforting aura of CMEA, its staff and my fellow interns. Everything about this office and its mission makes me feel good - and for me, that's priceless."